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Thank you for your interest, here's a short introduction;

  • I have 36 years of Professional work in the Real Estate and Finance Industries…
  • I was a Senior Loan Officer for Washington Mutual Bank for many years, and out of over 140 Loan Officers in a four State Region, I was within the top 3% in production every month.  As a result, I have Thousands of Happy Customers for Life…But I Was Tired Of Only Having High ‘Retail’ Bank Rates To Offer Them …
  • I've since joined forces with NorthWest Funding Group, a high producing & very ethically minded Mortgage Brokerage in the Pacific Northwest.  I am approved and licensed to obtain all types of low priced Home Loans in Washington, Oregon.  Through my avenues as a Broker I'm able find my clients Low Priced loans, other than the usual High Priced loans offered by big Retail Banks and Credit Unions.
  • I’ve always maintained an Impeccable Record, and receive lots of Referrals from Happy Customers, Realtors, and other Business Professional...


  • I’m Licensed to provide loans throughout the states of Washington and Oregon, and I’m very active in, but not limited to, the following cities; Seattle, Bremerton, Olympia, Tacoma, Spokane, Vancouver, Camas, Portland, Lake Oswego, Beaverton, Clackamas, West Linn, Bend, Redmond, Sisters, Salem, Medford, Klamath Falls.  
  • Please call for all Home Loan Mortgages, such as but not limited to, Purchase Loans, Refinance Loans, Conventional, FHA, VA, Primary Residence, Second Homes, Investment Home, Rental Homes, Cash Out Loans, etc.


 Now let’s talk about You

Here’s what You can expect during a conference with me, which may be as easy as a Quick Phone Call;

  1. If you’re Refinancing; we’ll talk about the kind of loan you have now, and which New Loan may best fit your present and future plans.  You may to use this Refinance Opportunity to also have me take a look at your total monthly bills to see if it would make sense for you to consolidate everything down to one low payment & reduce your outgoing monthly debts.  (See my home page link on ‘Consolidating’).  You might want to take cash out of your equity for any reason, and during your Refinance is the best time to do that.  We’ll talk about the value of your home, and I’ll show you how to quickly find out what it is. You can accomplish a Refinance with No Money Out Of Pocket, and even Skip One or Two Months Mortgage Payments…I’ll explain all of this to You.
  1. If you’re Purchasing a Home;  we’ll also talk about which loan product may best fit your present and future plans, as well as your down payment and monthly payment ‘Comfort Zone’.  I’ll talk to you about having one loan verses two loans, a down payment, or no down payment.  I'll quickly qualify you by asking you about your income, assets, debts, credit history, and submit a Letter of Pre-Approval to your Realtor to help in your negotiations. If needed, your Realtor & I will show you how you can have the Seller credit you for closing costs.  I was a Real Estate Broker for over 20 years prior to entering into Financing, and I know what needs to be done every step of the way...from the first qualification to the close of escrow. (I am not active as a Realtor, I focus on Real Estate Financing only).  My loan docs never run late, and I give everyone involved in the transaction continuous updates.
  1. We’ll discuss your credit picture…Don’t Be Scared…I’ve worked with credit reports for over Two Decades, and I’ve helped many of my customers with advice on how to clean, or tweak, their reports to qualify for a better loan.  I can update your credit if you’d like, but I usually won’t run your report on our first call…only after you’ve said, “I Want Chase as My Loan Officer”.  Try to be as candid as possible during our first talk about what you think may be on your report.
  1. You and I will Structure your loan together.  By discussing the above topics, and also seeing where you sit regarding your income and assets, we’ll not only be able to see which Loan Product you may qualify for, but also which loan may be the best for you Financially.  We’ll talk about Rates, Payments, Fees, Time Frames, (It only takes me 2-3 weeks to complete a normal loan from start to finish), etc.   While most Loan Officers want You to fill out a Loan Application online, I would rather go through it with You over the phone, or in person…that’s when I get to know You and the best time for You and I to Structure Your Loan Together.
  1. We can also discuss the quotes that other Banks, or Mortgage Brokers, have offered you, and I’ll help you see what kind loan they’re really trying to sell you.  I’ll show you how we can compare My Rates and Loan Fees with Theirs, so that you can see how I’m saving You money.

I usually accomplish all the above  in “15 to 30 minutes”,  I won’t waste your time, and as a result, you’ll have a very good feeling as to how you well as some Great Tips! 

(Of course this is the first Conference with me.  There’s quite a bit more to do…but I’ll do the rest, and guide you step by step)… 

Call, and Let’s Get Started… 

Chase Pozzi
   Personal Loan Broker

"Helping You find Low Priced Home Loans in Washington and Oregon"


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