Low Wholesale Priced Loans vs. Retail Priced Loans


Here’s a brief explanation…


I’m As a Mortgage Broker I'm licensed and approved to obtain loans from Low Priced Lenders (not open to the general public), instead of just big retail banks and credit unions. The Low Interest Rates I can obtain will usually be far less than the "Retail" pricing commonly available from large lending institutions.


I’ve found that when my Customers are Happy, because they've found low priced loans through me, they usually Refer their Friends and Families, and I do more Business. (That's the reason I stopped working for a large Retail Bank many years ago)


The Interest Rate that You’ll be able to obtain from me will usually be 1/4 to 1/2 of a percent less than a rate you would be able to find on your own by talking to a Retail Bank or Credit Union.  If You’ll view the page on my web site marked “TRUE National Rates” You’ll see the average Interest Rates in each Region as quoted by the government entity Freddie Mac. These are True quotes, no bait and switch rates, and the Low Pricing I can get is usually ¼ to ½ of a percent Less than the Average National Retail Rate.


It will make a big difference for you financially to obtain a low priced rate…here’s a quick example;


If, by securing a Low Priced Loan from Me, you are able to save $75.00 a month on your mortgage payment…that will be $900.00 you’ll save after just one year…or $4,500.00 that you’ll save after just 5 years…and $9,000.00 that you’ll save after 10 years.  This is money you would have just ‘given’ to a large Retail Bank if you accepted a higher Retail Interest Rate…


Also, I’m paid by the Lender that I submit Your Loan to in the form of a Rebate, You Don’t Have To Pay Me.


That’s it in a nutshell…


I urge you to check with you favorite Bank, or Loan Officer, and then call me to see how much You’ll Save by having me find You a Wholesale Priced Loan.



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As I’ve stated, I have access to Low Priced Loans through a wide variety of Lenders. Let me explain further how this works…


Did you know that most homeowners who know how to shop for a loan will find competative pricing through a Broker like me, and through the very well established, very well know Lender that I'm approved with? The low priced lenders that I have access to are able to offer more aggressively priced rates, due to the fact that they don’t have huge advertising costs and the high overhead that Retail Banks and Credit Unions have.  Marketing, Advertising, and Overhead are the major expenses of Large Retail Banks, and the public pays for it when they accept Retail Interest Rates.


Additionally, when you go to a Bank directly You will Limit Yourself, because you’ll only be able to choose from the few Loan Programs that Lender may have, and at full Retail Price.  Since I’m Licensed to work with a Large Number of Lenders, I have access to Hundreds of Loan Programs. As a result I can shop around and find the most suitable Loan Program and Rate for You.


Oh and here’s something else you need to Be Aware Of.  Big Retail Banks are Slow!  That’s right, they can take a long time processing your loan.  Your file may be sitting in one department after another, lot’s of Red Tape, Mistakes, Bureaucracy, Outragious Qualifying Conditions, Etc.  However, the average time frame for Me to Complete a New Purchase or Refinance Loan, is usally Half the time in comparison…from submission to funding.  I’ve never caused an Escrow Closing to run late, which not only makes my Customers Happy, but My Realtors as well…



Now You Know More Than 90% of the General Public!  After more than THREE DECADES in the Real Estate & Finance Industries I’ve got Lots of Tips to Share…


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Explanation of the words Wholesale Priced Loans; as a wholesale mortgage broker, I am approved to obtain loans from wholesale 'only' lenders (not open to the general public). The rates I can obtain will be as low as possible by my efforts to best serve my clients, and will usually be far less than the high Retail pricing available to consumers through Retail Banks and Credit Unions. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to call...Thank you!