Please feel free to click on the below link which will bring you to the History of Mortgages Rates page on the Freddie Mac site.  This is very interesting, and usually makes the average rate shopper feel very fortunate to have 'todays' rates to choose from.  See the rates from the 1980's...

Please know, that the rates mentioned for today are average rates. The mortgage rates that I'm approved to obtain from my Wholesale Lenders, are usually much lower.  Enjoy...


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Explanation of the words Wholesale Priced Loans; as a wholesale mortgage broker, I am approved to obtain loans from wholesale 'only' lenders (not open to the general public) and from wholesale departments at retail banks (these departments are also not open to the general public). The wholesale rates I can obtain will include a small mark-up, but will be as close to Wholesale as possible by my efforts to best serve my clients, and when passed on to the consumer will still usually be far less than the Retail pricing available to consumers. The words wholesale priced loans and wholesale pricing do not pertain to the state of Oregon, however my same brokerage pricing scenario still exists there. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to call...Thank you!